Asi se carga a truck de tomatina




Departure Valencia Tomatina

The rules

The Rules of La Tomatina Festival If you want to keep having a funny Tomatina Festival, you must respect these rules:

  • Do not enter bottles or hard objects because you can cause an accident or damages to your battle’s fellows.
  • Do not tear or throw your T-shirts nor others T-shirts.
  • Squash the tomatoes before throwing them, the hit will be less painful.
  • Keep a safe distance of the lorries.
  • Stop to throw tomatoes when you hear the shot of the second warning firework.
  • Follow the security staff directions.

  • Tips

    You will always have fun in La Tomatina Festival, but if you want to have an indelible memory, you have to take the following tips into account:
    • Wear old clothes or clothes that you are not going to wear later. If so, ready to throw them away. White t-shirt: perfect combination.
    • Wear shoes with a decent grip so that you can throw them out later, just keep them on your feet. Avoid using flip-flops; you can lose them in the tomato fight.
    • The goggles can be your best friend. Your eyes can be sore because of the tomato acid. But it is a pleasure to see how this tomato acid can clean your skin. Tomato exfoliation!
    • If you want to take pictures, use waterproof cameras or just use a protective case.
    • If you are not from Buñol and you want to stay overnight, do not forget to look for accommodation in advance.
    • Come early! The access to the urban area by car will be closed at 07.00. If you want to access, keep walking.
    • Follow the security directions and keep a safe distance of the lorries.
    • Do not miss the palo-jabón. A soap-covered pole with a Spanish prosciutto on the top. The person who climbs to the top and get the prosciutto…win the prosciutto!
    • And last but not least, enjoy to the max. It is a pleasure to release adrenaline throwing tomatoes in all directions during an hour.





Salida Barcelona Tomatina


Buñol is a town of contrasts. Pioneer of the industrialization of the Valencian Community, the municipality has a large number of attractive urban aspects which surrounds its castle, which is properly preserved.

Just some kilometres from the town centre, Buñol has a wide range of natural areas in which the water is the common part. There are walking, climbing and bicycle routes around the mountain for those who love the nature. Surrounded by mountains, the Mediterranean forest is common.

Walking through the streets is a combination of history and modernity, where urban parks, fountains and music are always present. The music is a present element in Buñol, with two of the most national and international awarded music bands. There are also different cultural events that make Buñol a continuous dynamic municipality.



From Valencia
Departure from Valencia on the Avenida del Cid direction Madrid on the A-3 dual carriageway. Continue forward 30 km and take the exit number 332 (Buñol) and after taking the service road follow the signals to Buñol. (See Figure 2).

From Alicante
Departure from Alicante to Valencia on A-7, take the bypass on the A-3 dual carriageway with Madrid direction. Take the exit number 332 on the A-3 (Buñol) and after taking the service road follow the signals to Buñol. (See Figure 2).

From Castellón
Mediterráneo motorway (AP-7) is the main communication point by the coast. From both cities, take the motorway on to Valencia direction then take the bypass on the A-3 dual carriageway with Madrid direction. Take the exit number 332 on the A-3 (Buñol) and after taking the service road follow the signals to Buñol. (See Figure 2).

From Madrid
Departure from Madrid to Valencia on the A-3 dual carriageway. Take the exit number 319. Buñol/service road/ Industrial Park. Keep on the service road until taking the exit to Buñol. (See figure 3)

If you get to Buñol by car, please bear in mind the instructions and signals of the parking area.

Try to get to Buñol in good and due time. La Tomatina Festival starts at 11 but there are thousands of people who access to the area at the same time so the access process may take some time.


From Valencia (Suburban Train Station C3 Valencia-Sant Isidre)
Renfe (Spanish Railway) and Metro Valencia have made an agreement to improve the mobilitiy of the passengers so that they can use the Metro Valencia facilities themselves without having to get a new ticket (one sururban ticket). However, the exits and entrances may be reduced to four stations of the subway network: Valencia San Isidro, Plaza de España, Bailén and Colón, which are the closest stations to Valencia Nord station and to the city center.

Those who want to departure from the city center of Valencia to Buñol will be able to use the Valencia subway network from the above mentioned stations till San Isidro, when they will transfer to the Suburban Train Station of Renfe (Valencia Sant Isidre). This service is also offered for the return way, from Buñol, taking the same stations to get to Valencia.

For further information call  00 34 902 320 320.

From Barcelona (Sants Train Station)
Euromed train till Joaquin Sorolla Train Station. Other trains get to Valencia Nord Station. It takes 3 hours to get to Valencia and there are daily departures.

From Madrid (Atocha Train Station)

AVE train till Joaquin Sorolla Train Station. It takes 1 hour and 35 minutesto get to Valencia and there are daily departures. The second option will be the same but till ADIF Requena-Utiel Train Station (A-3 Exit 285). It is compulsory to take a taxi or car to get to Buñol.
There are other train services such as ALVIA and REGIONAL which take more time but cover Madrid-Valencia-Madrid-Buñol.
For further details about timetables and prices visit:
Contact Info: 902 320 320
Valencia Suburban Trains: 0034 96 335 74 00 / 96 335 72 61


Additional information

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